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Social Franchising Model

Franchise Relationships

Impilo Yabantu: is the operating company that shares its experience and know-how with franchisee. Impilo Yabantu enters into an overarching franchise agreement with the franchisee, which enable the franchisee to trade under the common brand of Impilo Yabantu .

Impilo Yabantu equips franchisees with tools needed to operate their business under well managed brand standards.

Faster and more cost effective scaling Replicating of a tried and tested model negates the start-up risk.
Effective involvement of local entities The local know-how and connections of franchisees can be used effectively while the franchisee may benefit from franchisor involvement in national marketing and fundraising.
Improvement through systematic transfer of know-how and ongoing learning Similar to commercial franchises, franchises gain access to an operations manual and also communicate their learning to the rest of the network.
Monitoring and evaluation through standardization of practices Standardisation contributes to delivery of similar quality across the network and will enhance the reputation of the brand and ease of Monitoring and Evaluation.
More effective use of resources Economy of scale can be achieved through collective purchasing and collective marketing efforts.


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